Medical Bed Price In Bangladesh

Medical Bed Price In Bangladesh

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Hospital bed forms an essential part of the hospital furniture. Be it to rest after vaccination or for hospitalization,

a medical professional is able to attend to the patient and carry out a medical procedure in the right manner.

Today, one can find modern hospital beds equipped with modern features that help to provide relief to the patients.

So be it the inclined beds to offer back support or to offer comfort to the broken leg you can find plenty of impressive features in a hospital bed.

If you are looking to buy Hospital beds it is necessary to choose the top quality beds which offer various features you are looking for.

Different departments of a medical facility have a different set of patients which makes it important to choose the right hospital bed.

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Patient Bed Types in Bangladesh

When selecting a home care or hospital bed, there are two main types to choose from; manual hospital beds  and electric hospital beds. Manual hospital beds are less expensive but also comes with fewer features. It does go up and down but the adjustments must be done manually, which can be a strain on the patient’s caregiver.

If height adjustments won’t be done on a regular basis, a manual bed may be a good fit for you (and your budget!). Electric hospital beds are available in fully electric and semi-electric options.

Full electric beds allow the height of the bed and the head and feet to be adjust with a remote, while a semi-electric bed only has electric height adjustments, while the head and feet adjustments are manual.

So again, depending on the situation of the patient a semi-electric bed might work for some while in other cases a full electric hospital bed will be need.

Hospital Bed Sizes in BD

A regular size hospital bed is 80 inches long and 36 inches wide. However, there are beds

that go up to 94 inches long and 54 inches wide. Hospital beds also come in many different weight options.

Typically a bariatric hospital bed offers both higher weight capacity and larger dimensions.

A lot of the beds come with wheels which make them easy to move from one place to another whenever necessary.

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