Medical Product Home Service

Medical Product Home Service

Medical Product

We provide medical product home service in Bangladesh. Home delivery of medical products is a very well known name in our country. Home services of all types of medical products are provided in our country. The demand for home services for medical products is also huge. The products that are in great demand in our country are described below.

Medical Oxygen Cylinder

An oxygen cylinder is a special vessel made of iron to hold oxygen at high pressure. Humans take in oxygen from nature to meet their oxygen needs. Many times people do not get enough oxygen from nature due to lack of energy in the lungs. Then they need medical oxygen cylinders to meet their oxygen needs.  cylinders are used both at home and in the hospital. cylinders are very popular at present.

Oxygen Concentrator

Concentrator is a type of machine that makes oxygen . It is basically an electric machine that generates oxygen from the air through electricity. It has many advantages the most important of which is that it does not have to be refilled repeatedly like an oxygen cylinder. This is always a very affordable way to meet your patient’s oxygen needs.

Patient Bed

A patient bed is a specially made bed for patients. Patient beds for patients who cannot sit, walk or do their own work. Patient beds have many special benefits for patients. Currently buying and selling patient beds online is quite popular .


Wheelchair is a special type of chair that is specially made for the patients so that there are many facilities for the patients. These chairs have bathroom facilities and are very useful for those who can walk. You will find all types of wheelchairs at affordable prices.

Blood pressure machine

If you want to monitor the blood pressure of your sick loved one, then you must have a blood pressure machine. There are two types of blood pressure machines such as: digital blood pressure machine and manual blood pressure machine.

Medical Product Home Service

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