What Does Ramp Time Mean?

What Does Ramp Time Mean?

The ramp time feature is a great feature for new users, helping users adapt to cpap therapy by making it more comfortable to use your CPAP machine. It works by starting at a setting lower than the full therapy setting (which is often the most comfortable for new users), and then gradually increasing it throughout 45 minutes or longer.

As the pressure slowly ramps up, you’re better able to fall asleep. By the time the pressure reaches the target, you’re sound asleep, and you won’t notice the higher pressure. This can improve user comfort by making the sensation feel less intense. It’s a great feature that can help make it easier to get used to a CPAP machine, helping you stick with your therapy.

What’s it Like to Use Ramp?

Take it from someone that’s been there. When I first started with CPAP therapy, I wasn’t happy with it. I felt like I was choking on air, and it was tough to fall asleep. I brought my concerns to my doctor, and he recommended using the CPAP ramp up feature on my machine. So that night, I started using ramp, and it took away the intense sensation of choking on air.

My CPAP ramp function gave me the confidence to stick with my therapy, and it made things more

comfortable for me in the fragile early stages of CPAP therapy where many people wind up getting stuck.

After years of using CPAP therapy, I’ve finally gotten to a place where I no longer need the ramp feature of my

CPAP machine. While I don’t need it anymore, there’s no denying that it was critical in helping me stick

with my treatment in the beginning, and it’s a large part of the reason CPAP therapy has been successful for me.

Is Ramp a Feature Found on Every Machine?

When getting your first machine, it’s important to check the features of the device you’re thinking of purchasing. The CPAP ramp function is require feature found on most machines, but not all devices have it. The website should tell you if your device has the ramp feature or not. That’s why it’s important to review the features of the machine before purchasing Ramp Time Mean

CPAP Machines with a Ramp Function

Almost every machine CPAP.com sells has the ramp feature. Here are some of our favorite machines that have the ramp feature on CPAP: