Artificial Oxygen Supply In Bangladesh

Artificial Oxygen Supply In Bangladesh

When to use oxygen

Artificial  oxygen supply in Bangladesh  should be taken as soon as the level of  oxygen   in the blood falls below 93 percent. The ideal level of oxygen in the blood is 94 to 99 percent.

Although no oxygen therapy can immediately increase or normalize the level of oxygen in the blood. However, in the case of Covid-19  patients,88 to 92 percent ‘saturation’ will be very beneficial.

100 percent saturation should never be reached. Healthy or sick, 100% saturation will be a waste of oxygen.

On the one hand, oxygen is scarce for some, on the other hand, some people are stockpiling excess. Dedication to physicians and specialists, taken as needed.

Excess reserves will be the reason for the scarcity of others.

What should be the goal of saturation?

India’s Ames is the captain of New Delhi. “Those who have a saturation level of 92-2-2 per cent do not need to take  artificial oxygen, it will not be of any use to you,” Randeep Guleria said. “And if it’s more than that, there’s no question.”

Those less than 94 percent should be kept under close scrutiny. Even if his condition is stable, there is no need to take artificial oxygen. Oxygen ‘saturation’ needs to be kept high for those suffering from chronic respiratory diseases.

That is why keeping it at 96 percent is a waste. Also, only an experienced physician can decide how many liters of oxygen a patient needs per minute. That calculation will depend on how long a cylinder lasts and when it needs to be given new oxygen.

Giving oxygen does not mean the solution to the problem

The patient is not at risk after being given artificial oxygen. So he has to keep a close eye on the level of oxygen in his body and the speed of the pulse. From this it can be understood how much the body is able to fight the disease, whether artificial oxygen is of any use to it or not.

Fluctuations in oxygen levels should be measured every two hours to see if the condition is improving with artificial oxygen. If there is no improvement, you need to be taken to the hospital immediately.

Artificial Oxygen Supply In Bangladesh